At Attentive Mind we offer a range of services in-person, by phone and by video-conferencing. It could be a situational crisis, relationship issue or a problem at work that brings you to us. You may be are dealing with depression, anxiety, panic, stress, trauma, post-concussive syndrome or chronic pain; we can help. Perhaps you are doing well and would like to learn skills to do even better. We are available to provide support for you making positive changes in your life. Depending on your identified issues and goals, we can design appropriate interventions to find solutions and optimize your functioning. Approaches used by Dr. McAllister include supportive counselling, cutting-edge “third wave” cognitive-behavioural therapies, mindfulness-based therapy, meditation coaching, hypnosis and biofeedback and neurofeedback. QEEG brain mapping is used to clarify obstacles to focused attention and to target areas of dysfunction for neurofeedback treatment.