We can help

Whether you need help with a short-term issue or a long-term one, whether you need treatment for a condition that is causing you suffering or you want to optimize your functioning, we can help. The following are areas of focus in our practice:

  1. Situational crises. At some point in everyone’s life there is a crisis that requires outside assistance. It could be a problem at work or in your relationships. Living and working with others poses challenges. Roles such as parenting can be very difficult at times. Losing a job or adjusting to a new one and losses of a relationship or the death of a loved one may lead you to reach out. We can help. 
  2. Issues with attention. At Attentive Mind we view attention regulation as essential to all aspects of functioning. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is just the tip of the iceberg as far as attentional issues are concerned. We can help.
  3. Problems with the “monkey mind.” Many people complain of rumination and worry and problems with overthinking. We can help.
  4. Stress. In our society, stress is endemic. Finding ways of dealing with stress is essential for self-care and stopping a spiral into dysfunction and burnout. We can help.
  5. Insomnia and sleep problems. Good sleep is essential for healthy functioning. Poor sleep can signal the advent of psychological dysfunction and become a significant component of it. We can help. 
  6. Specific diagnoses. Depression, anxiety, panic, posttraumatic stress, post-concussion symptoms, and chronic pain are the diagnosed conditions that we most commonly treat. We can help.
  7. Optimal functioning. You need not seek help just for difficulties–help is available so you can be in top form. We can help.