QEEG brain mapping

Brain mapping assessments are based on an analysis of EEG activity in multiple locations on the scalp. These QEEG assessments based on quantitative electroencephalography are entirely non-invasive and provide a look at the brain in different conditions (eyes closed, eyes open, reading, doing mental arithmetic, etc.). They can be used to guide neurofeedback, and they can also be used as a supplement to neuropsychological testing for brain dysfunction. They typically require about two hours to complete.

QEEGs are not diagnostic on their own. We use questionnaires to determine the symptoms that you want to target and, using a data base of individuals of the same age, compare your brain maps with that data base to see correlations between the symptoms you report and the brainwaves patterns that are known to correlate with those symptoms. It is on this basis that we can develop suitable neurofeedback protocols for training.